Distribution Network

For DNOs, the decentralised energy production and the dynamics of a renewable energy supply is a particularly challenging task. The new schemes to improve the performance of transmission networks primarily focus on the construction of new power transmission lines, a more efficient management of transmission capacities and the accurate forecast of the share of energy from renewable sources, and also on new control and regulation mechanisms to ensure the stability of the power grid. The complexity of tasks requires the networking of different systems (control, forecast and trading systems, network analysis etc.) to ensure the rapid and secure processing of large bodies of data and the mapping of operation processes onto business processes.

The DMS (Distribution Management System) can be finetuned to every customer’s requirements and supplies all the decisive parameters for the efficient management of control zones through the condensation, archiving and reporting of data from subordinate systems. Communication with the management system takes place via standardised interfaces. Furthermore, our network management suite NMS is available for the efficient higher-level outage management up to order management, planning and monitoring, as well as the management of the complete equipment, staff and assets of Transmission Network Operators (TNOs).