Universal Power Line Carrier (PLC)

Universal PLC equipment : STE-U
STE-U can be equipped with a dedicated unit to satisfy every customer’s need:
• an interface for teleprotections reduces costs and manages 1 to 4 commands;
• it can be used as an access node in TDM networks through a multiplexer with drop/insert function
• it can be employed in IP networks through an integrated router
• it works as analogue PLC equipment with a dedicated BBPU (Base Band Processing Unit).

STE-U integrates the key applications of energy utilities:
• transparent transmission of voice-frequency signals,
such as band limited speech with superimposed
remote operation;
• digital transmission of compressed voice;
• transmission of up to 2 voice channels not
• fully transparent and/or UART-compliant transmission of asynchronous data up to 19200 bps with minimum delay in point-multipoint
applications, that are typical of SCADA applications;
• adaptive multiplexing of data services with traffic
flow control;
• synchronous data transmission from 1,2 kbps up to
92,8 kbps;
• port and channel sharing for most efficient use of scarce bandwidth resources;
• Ethernet/IP-forwarding for LAN interconnections and IEC 60870-5-104 TCP/IP-based SCADA applications;
• easy connection of external switches, multiplexers and routers for network integration, service aggregation and traffic management via standard interfaces.